Miro Bracic
Miro is the Chief Technology Officer at OneClose.

With over 20 years of Technology experience servicing all aspects of lending in Canada, Miro Bracic brings with him very unique skills to OneClose Inc. Miro was one of the original developers of Mortgage Origination platforms in Canada and has since stayed within the industry meaning he’s been part of its technological growth from inception. From being the original developer that started Morty (MSI) in 1996, then coding and leading Basis100’s MortgageBASE / HomeBASE platform, developing mortgage origination tools has been a big part of his career. He continued his path of providing technology solutions to the lending community when he joined Filogix through the purchase of Basis100’s CLS division. Leading the Expert development team that merged all platforms into one very rich tool for the industry. Another M&A, the D+H purchase of Filogix, provided Miro an opportunity to enhance his skills further, taking on a technology partnership role to the business. At that point being involved with partner development and business growth meant that he had the unique capability to combine technology evolution with business needs to address challenges before they even happened.

More recently, and still in the industry Miro Bracic was part of the Creditor Insurance business supporting mortgage brokers across Canada. This also gave him an opportunity to get involved with another mortgage origination product, MorWEB which now meant that his involvement in the industry spanned every product developed for broker originated mortgages. Prior to OneClose, Miro Bracic was at Equifax Canada where he continued to work with the many clients and partners of Canada’s lending community.

With the many years of relative experience combined with his natural leadership abilities, Miro Bracic has created a strategy that focus’ on OneClose client and partner satisfaction.
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