Jerry Lo
Jerry Lo is the Head of Partnerships at OneClose.

Having over 25 years of market experience in both the Real Estate and Finance sector, and more specifically the Canadian mortgage market, Jerry’s resume has both deep start-up experience, as well as very relevant corporate experience. Jerry was one of the key shareholders and founding members of GUI Software Systems (acquired by Filogix), the first and number one Real Estate Forms Automation platform in North America. Jerry was responsible for the sales and partnership division for GUI, right up until their acquisition by Filogix. Following their acquisition, Jerry lead the partnerships and sales group
for Filogix through multiple acquisitions, eventually being acquired by D+H. At D+H, Jerry maintained the leadership for the sales and partnership group but had a significant role in strategic technology direction.

Jerry has sat on multiple technology advisor boards in both the Real Estate and Mortgage sectors and remains a trusted senior advisor to mainly leaders in the market today
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