Jason Hollander
Jason is the Head of Development at OneClose.

Jason has close to 20 years of technology experience within the financial sector. Starting with early digital technology for the mortgage industry, working for Centric Systems, Jason was a key developer in the creation of the LV4 lending platform, as well as the LSS and MCC origination platforms. Following the advancement of technology and the acquisition of Centric by Filogix, Jason played a key role in pioneering and leading the development efforts of Filogix Expert. Mergers and Acquisitions fed the need for a cross-platform link between partner systems, Jason designed and rolled out what is currently known as Filogix-link, connecting the mortgage broker market from system to system. After the D+H acquisition of Filogix, Jason moved on to focus on other key areas within the financial technology space in Canada, leading him to manage teams at TD in the Term Deposits department and then on to Equifax where he played a critical role in the advancement of many technologies and partner facing systems.

Jason has worked in many capacities in his career to date including management and development in software, requirements gathering, and software architecture. Having strong leadership skills in nurturing teams and business cultures, coupled with development and software design principles brings a level of expertise to OneClose to enable quick to market product development with client delight in the foreground.

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