Who We Are

Through innovative thinking and leading-edge technology, we have created a breakthrough mortgage solution which solves for the historic problem of interim occupancy - by helping new condominium purchasers secure their mortgage at occupancy and stop wasting money paying interim occupancy interest.
We are purpose based and value driven organization with an industry leading team that is guided by core focuses – Commitment to Exceptional Purchaser and Partner Service, Corporate Responsibility, and Continued Innovation and Improvement.

Commitment to Exceptional Purchaser and Partner Service

By providing the right environment for our people and the right people for purchasers, partners, and the technology we have built, we are able to focus clearly on providing a standard of service that exceeds all expectations. From our new team members to our seasoned industry leading thought leaders, our high level of service has become a part of our DNA, is in the fibres of everything we do, and is evident in all the interactions we have. This is our commitment that we hold ourselves accountable to every single day.

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is a core value for OneClose and it is a model we follow for ourselves, our stakeholders, and the public. We foster this value at all levels of our organization and encourage employees to embrace it so we can make a positive difference to the markets and communities in which we serve. From our involvement with United Way, Yonge Street Mission, Oakville Hospital Foundation, Children’s Wish Foundation, to a number of other philanthropic and volunteer efforts that our employees and stakeholders contribute to, we understand that giving is a critical value that helps society and acts as an example for other organizations.

Some of the organizations our company or employees contribute to:

Continued Innovation and Improvement

Our technology team has designed and built the leading mortgage origination platforms in Canada and have applied their experience and commitment to innovation by building the platform that OneClose proudly stands behind today. Both our management and technology team understand the magnitude of what we need to accomplish, and we are continually shaping and filling our innovation accordingly. At OneClose, we believe that innovation and improvement is never a one-time act, but rather a constant, dynamic process that will help us to be the continued market leader in solving the problem of interim occupancy interest.

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